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“Gear up for Growth” new course review

This is a shameless plug for my business mentor and coach Jenny at ACThoughtful Consulting. She has been truly fantastic to work with. If you are looking to grow your small business but aren’t sure where to start, read my testimonial below and then check out her online course “Gear up for Growth.”

Early on in my small-business journey, I modeled most of my systems and marketing messaging after the EOS Model by working through the book Traction. It is quite possibly the best business book I’ve ever read.

Between that and given my 20 years of wearing many hats at a small agency, I was quite confident that I could successfully run a small business. However, I felt pulled into so many directions between client projects, operations, marketing and sales, not to mention balancing it with my personal and family life. And I found myself winging it every day; after all that had worked out pretty well for most of my life.

I love doing client work. That’s what I’m really good at. I also love working with technology and numbers, I can handle marketing and I can tolerate sales ; ) But I could tell I needed something else. Uncertainty, overwhelm and lack of direction were never far out of sight on slower days. I had so many ideas I wanted to implement and so many things I had to do, and I wasn’t sure where to start and how to do it all. To top it off, the closer I came to my birthday while in semi-quarantine, the more I wondered what it was all good for.

“Gear up for Growth” to the rescue

As luck would have it, I won a ticket to Jenny’s 8-week “Gear up for Growth” course and started it the day after my birthday. 2 months later, I have so much more clarity over my personal and business goals, along with the soft and hard tools to execute on them.

We inventoried and learned how to optimize all pillars of our business, including Finance, Sales, Marketing, Delivery, People and Strategy. I discovered my burning platform and learned how to time-box and organize my goals. It was a lot of work at times, but I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and looked forward to the start of each week.

If you are looking to grow your small business but aren’t sure where to start, I highly recommend Jenny’s “Gear up for Growth” course. Check it out!

Disclaimer: As an Affiliate Partner of ACThoughtful, I receive a small commission for every course sold through my link.

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