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Moncur Consulting is a WPML Partner agency at the intersection of language, marketing, advertising and technology in Minneapolis, Minnesota. WPML makes translating your WordPress website easy, without having to worry about too many technical details. With the WPML plug-in for WordPress, you control exactly which content is sent to us for localization. We translate it following our proven process and then upload the localized content back into WordPress via WPML for review and publishing.

Benefits of WordPress Localization with WPML

Any Type of Website

Build any type of website in WordPress with localization in mind. The WPML dashboard controls the settings for multilingual features including architecture, slugs and translation workflow.

Peace of Mind

When you translate your WordPress site using WPML and Moncur Consulting, you can rest easy. We will make sure all relevant content is expertly localized following best practices and our proven process.

Tech Support

You do not have to be a WordPress expert. The WPML interface makes selecting content for translation easy, and we handle the rest. If we ever do get stuck, the WPML team offers priority support to our clients.

Getting Started

To make the WPML integration work, you will first need a WPML “Multilingual CMS” or “Multilingual Agency” account. Purchase it via our custom link to avoid commission charges during translation.

Review the Getting Started Guide for WordPress Localization with WPML and Moncur Consulting.

Refer to the extensive WPML documentation to build your multilingual website.

Ask us for an authorization token to connect your website with our service.

Use the Website Word Count tool in WPML, or better yet, send us a preliminary translation package via WPML, so we can give you a quote. Before we start, we will also run through a pseudo-localization to make sure all translatable text is captured and to anticipate any technical or display issues.

Throughout the process, we are happy to assist with any questions. As a matter of fact, the sooner you involve us, the sooner we can advise you on localization best practices and potential pitfalls. And the sooner we can develop a workflow that is suitable and efficient for all stakeholders.

Why Work With Us

  • You want a translation agency that will make it easy for you and not create additional work for you

    We offer a full spectrum of services across all media and subject matters. We will clearly outline our process and timeline, so everyone knows what to expect. We will make it easy for you, so you can do what you do best. And you can rest easy knowing that we will get it done quickly, correctly and within your budget.

  • You want to make a big impact without breaking the bank

    We will work with you to develop a solution that meets your budget and time requirements and still makes a big impact on your business growth. No up-selling and no hidden fees.

  • You are not happy with your current solution

    We will listen to your concerns and goals before offering a solution tailored to your needs. Our experience covers a broad spectrum of subject matters and media. We excel at accurate technical translations and highly creative advertising or marketing transcreations alike. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and make you and your organization look good.

  • You need to comply with industry or government regulations

    We are familiar with translations in highly-regulated industries such as medical devices or finance. We will work with you to develop a solution that satisfies regulatory requirements and to enmesh our translation process with your review and approval processes.

  • You want to build a strong corporate culture

    Your employees are not just more likely to understand their rights and responsibilities, but they will also feel more like part of your team if you speak their language. Our language teams have expertise in a variety of corporate communications for global enterprises and local shops alike.

  • You recognize that not speaking your customers' language is like leaving money sitting on the table

    While many people do understand English, your customers are much more likely to buy from you if you speak their language. When you do so, you can expand into new markets outside the US or to ethnic audiences within the US that are much less saturated than the domestic general market.

Our Promise to You

We focus on impact

We go beyond accuracy – which is table stakes – to how we can make the biggest impact on your business within your time and budget constraints.

We live at the intersection of language, marketing, advertising and technology

Our translations are as impactful and culturally relevant as your original message, across all media and subject matters.

We understand the local audiences, you understand your business

That’s a powerful partnership, especially as you expand into new markets or address under-performing markets with local linguistic and cultural nuances.

We assemble the ideal team for each project

With access to over 1500 skilled communicators and leaders around the world who speak 50+ languages and specialize in a variety of subject matters, we hand-select your team to ensure the translated content and messaging aligns with what you need to accomplish.

We are honest and proactive

We communicate frequently and openly. Our budgets and schedules focus on your needs. We meet our commitments and we communicate the impacts of any changes or risks before they become a problem.

We want to be your trusted partner and advisor

We never stop searching for a better way to serve you and to increase your impact, while allowing you to focus your time and energy on what you do best.

Our Proven Process

We work with you to enmesh our translation & localization process with your review and approval processes

Our Work

We work with entrepreneurs, niche agencies and small to mid-size organizations who value making an impact with solutions tailored to their translation & localization challenges


Uta at Moncur Consulting is one of the most reliable partners I have ever worked with. Time after time she exceeds expectations. And the work she delivers is always top quality. I have shifted all of my translation needs to Uta and her team and never plan to look back.

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